GRATITUDE & IMPACT – SCAN Health Plan Empowers Seniors through ALA

ALA would like to extend our gratitude to the Community Giving Program of SCAN Health Plan for their grant supporting our Shared Housing program. One of the nation’s largest not-for-profit Medicare Advantage plans, SCAN Health Plan is dedicated to keeping seniors healthy and independent. This vital partnership has allowed us to enhance the lives of seniors in Los Angeles County, making a tangible difference in our Shared Housing program. With the funds provided by SCAN Health Plan, we can support 300 current enrollees of the Shared Housing program and 40 new enrollees aged 55 and up over the next year. Our goal at ALA is to enroll at least 120 new participants and facilitate 20 new shared housing arrangements in 2023. The individuals supported by SCAN will be able to attain long-term housing stability through Home Share arrangements.

Our Shared Housing program (also known as Home Share) pioneers the creation of affordable housing units by connecting seniors seeking financial or daily living support with low-income individuals seeking affordable rent. Through this program, renters can secure affordable accommodation, with monthly rent ranging from $300 to $800—a remarkable contrast to the Los Angeles average rent of $2000/month. Simultaneously, it empowers elderly homeowners to continue living in their beloved residences, all while generating extra income, receiving daily assistance, and avoiding the need for institutional care. The program is more than a housing solution; it’s also a remedy for isolation as seniors age in place. With SCAN’s support, we are taking significant strides toward addressing this critical housing need and providing seniors and low-income renters with support and options. We extend our heartfelt thanks to SCAN Health Plan for their commitment to senior well-being. Together, we are forging a path toward enhanced quality of life for seniors in Los Angeles County.


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