ALA awarded Cedars Sinai’s Health Equity Grant

ALA is pleased to announce we were awarded Cedars Sinai’s Health Equity grant, funded through its Homelessness and Housing Initiative. This initiative targets older adults facing homelessness, addressing critical social determinants of health such as housing, food, and transportation. Cedars Sinai’s focus on health equity ensures all individuals can achieve optimal health regardless of race, income, or housing status.  Similarly, ALA is dedicated to providing healthcare access to high-acuity individuals experiencing homelessness, housing instability, untreated mental illness, and other challenges. Through our partnership, we aim to improve health outcomes for high-acuity adults in Los Angeles.

Group of people of all ages, races and genders to demonstrate health equity grant providing equal access to healthcare

With Cedars Sinai’s support, ALA will continue serving marginalized individuals grappling with housing instability and health disparities in Los Angeles. To discover more about Cedars Sinai Health Equity grants, please visit Cedars Sinai’s Health Equity Grants. To read more about ALA’s Health and Housing programs, please visit the Our Work section of our website.

Additionally, this fall, ALA will participate in Cedars Sinai’s upcoming health convening in September. This event offers a valuable platform for networking, learning, and collaborative efforts. The agenda features a presentation from Cedars Sinai’s Chief Health Equity Officer, panel discussions on workforce and health equity, and interactive workshops to exchange best practices. ALA looks forward to leveraging this opportunity to discuss common challenges and solutions with other community organizations in Los Angeles.

We look forward to the opportunities it will create for underserved Angelenos. We extend our gratitude to Cedars Sinai for their longtime support and community leadership.


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