ALA Vision 2024: Empowering Diverse Communities in Los Angeles

Welcome to a new year, filled with hope and progress for all residents of Los Angeles! Affordable Living for the Aging (ALA) is looking forward to the exciting projects we have underway.

Our vision for 2024 is simple: empower all individuals to live with security and dignity by providing health and housing equity. Although our organization has traditionally focused on seniors, our newest program, ECM, is open to adults of all ages. Consequently, the ages we now serve range from 23 years of age to 103! We will continue to expand to meet the demand for our services and program in Los Angeles. This year we will create health and housing access through our programs and key initiatives:

  • Affordable Housing: 228 new affordable apartments are under development across LA, providing safe living spaces in Crenshaw, Pasadena, and Santa Fe Springs for Seniors and Veterans.
  • Shared Housing: Thanks to Kaiser and LA Care, our Shared Housing program is expanding in South Los Angeles. ALA is proud to share we were awarded the HHIP Innovation Award to create an online platform for our Shared Housing program to help prevent homelessness in LA. By utilizing technology, we’re expanding our scope to foster connections among residents and building communities rooted in companionship and mutual support.
  • Permanent Supportive Housing: We continue to provide intensive case management for chronically homeless and very low-income seniors at six properties throughout Los Angeles, ensuring ongoing housing stability for those requiring extended support.
  • Enhanced Care Management: Our newest program offering health navigation support is now in its 3rd year of operations and is growing. ALA is currently supporting 80 high-acuity individuals and we are projecting to double the number of enrolled members this year.

Together, we’re creating a brighter future for diverse communities across Los Angeles. Stay tuned for updates throughout the year. We appreciate your ongoing support as we embark on our 46th year of operations catering to the needs of individuals across different backgrounds and life stages.

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