Preserving a historic building, El Greco

ALA’s El Greco building has been part of the Los Angeles landscape for over 90 years.

Although it is considered a beautiful historic building that ALA senior residents now call home, at one time it was deemed worthless and scheduled for demolition. Fortunately, several forward-thinking civic leaders, including then-Supervisor Zev Yarovslavsky, recognized its value and worked with ALA to have it donated and transported across town to its current location in West Hollywood where it now stands as an affordable housing building for low-income seniors.

El Greco now stands as a symbol of resilience, community, and the transformational power of having a place to call home. The story of El Greco, a historic 12-unit apartment building located in West Hollywood, has been a beacon of hope for many aging adults in need of affordable housing. El Greco is a testament to our mission and a symbol of our commitment to providing safe, comfortable homes for our seniors. Each resident within El Greco tells a story of resilience, community, and the transformative power of having a place to call home.


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