Volunteer Spotlight

Christine Anthony is a UCCE Master Gardener who started volunteering with ALA in 2013.  She created the community garden at Parkview on the Park where tenants grew radishes, peppers, and herbs in the first year.  In March of 2015 Christine began lending her expertise to seniors living at Bonnie Brae Village where she is leading the effort to start a community garden on the spacious back patio. Christine and the garden club members have already planted blueberries, nectarine and plum trees, and starter plants that will yield healthy vegetables throughout the summer months.

The community gardens at Parkview and Bonnie Brae Village give seniors a chance to interact with staff in a non-clinical setting.  Tenants who have been gardeners their entire lives are excited to have the opportunity to continue their passion while others discover the joys of gardening for the first time. The community gardens supply more than just vegetables, herbs, and beautiful flowers.  Cultivation of the next harvest is a purposeful activity for seniors and serves as a tremendous source of pride.  Thank you to Christine and the generous ALA donors who support the community gardens.


Pictured left: Christine holding a carrot grown in the Parkview Community Garden.