Social Service Team

Sam Campbell, MFTI

Clinical Supervisor

Sam joined ALA in 2014. He leads the social services team at ALA's supportive housing sites. With a background in mental health and older adult services, Sam is adept at assessing tenants' needs, filling gaps in services, and creating new community partnerships. He enjoys involving tenants in the process of developing new programs and continues to be amazed by the breadth and depth of experiences seniors have to share. 

Staff photo, Narissa

Narissa Stapleton, MSW

Lead Mental Health Case Manager

Narissa joined the ALA team in 2013.  She works at ALA because the work championed by the organization impacts seniors' legacy and golden years. Narissa believes ALA’s comprehensive efforts benefit seniors for generations to come and is honored to help improve the lives of those who came before us.

Nancy Quevedo

Resource Specialist

Nancy began working for ALA in 2011. As a resource specialist she links residents to services in the community. Nancy also implements monthly outings and activities that reduce isolation among residents and foster a sense of belonging.  Nancy is ALA's go-to person for information on how to access special programs and discounted or free services. In addition to her part-time position with ALA, Nancy works for the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health.

Joanna Rodriguez, MSW

Social Worker


Joanna joined ALA in 2015. Her experience in serving seniors has led her to this work. Working in a residential setting allows Joanna to facilitate a supportive community that decreases isolation for tenants. She believes no one should be without a home, especially our aging population.