Edible Garden Opens at Bonnie Brae Village

April 2015

Thanks to the generous donation of ALA Board Member Renee Fraser, President & CEO of Fraser Communications, staff and volunteers were able to start a resident garden on Bonnie Brae Village's vacant south-facing patio. UCCE Master Gardener Christine Anthony helped residents plant the first crop of tomatoes, parsley, peppers, cucumbers, and blueberries.  Residents also planted a nectarine and plum tree.

Each garden club member is assigned a section of the garden and is responsible for watering in between monthly meetings.  Residents visit the garden daily to monitor the health of the new seedlings.  Cultivation of the first harvest is a purposeful activity for members and serves as a tremendous source of pride. The garden has grown exponentially in three short weeks thanks to residents' contributions of plants they'd previously been nurturing on their balconies. Residents and ALA staff look forward to a tasty summer!

"My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece."  - Claude Monet