Australia says ALA's Guide is "immensely relevant" Worldwide

ALA’s Shared Housing Guide was presented by Australian representative Beris Campbell at the Third World Homeshare Congress held on July 4-5, 2013 in Oxford, England.  Ms. Campbell’s presentation, titled “Success Criteria – Evaluating Your Programme” cited the ALA Shared Housing Guide as a valuable resource that highlights the importance of using what we already know to design and evaluate programs that will continue to advance the field.   

Rebecca Sheppard, President of the National Shared Housing Resource Center(NSHRC), was the only US representative at the Congress and joined leaders from nine other countries on a panel, titled “Three Useful Tips from Homeshare Programmes Around the World.” ALA is currently partnering with the NSHRC to expand shared housing programs nationally so that all individuals have access to safe and supportive housing options as they age. 

Although particularly beneficial for seniors on fixed incomes and those risking isolation, the shared housing movement goes beyond addressing the needs of any single user group. Shared housing provides opportunities for anyone interested in fostering social connections and remaining integrated in their community while accessing affordable housing.    

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Beris Campbell of HANZA in Australia
Presenter: Beris Campbell from Australian Home Share Provider HANZA shows conference participants the ALA Shared Housing Strategic Guide during her presentation “Presentation title: Success Criteria – Evaluating Your Programme.”